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Tactical Application of Operational Medicine
Administrative Brief

This Direct Action Medical Network Administrative Brief bridges the gap in communication between physicians and Special Operations Groups of state, local, and federal government. Precise and clear communication with established strategies and responsibilities prepare the foundational work for an integration of medical knowledge into combative wisdom. This four-hour brief consolidates a decade of lessons learned and experience gained in a concise, usable format that guides decision makers in ways of planning an strategy development for appropriate integration of medical services into team mission.

This brief introduces law enforcement specialty team commanders with the capabilities of operational medical services, while, simultaneously, introducing physicians to a methodology for enhancing the capabilities of operators.

  • The Endpoint: To facilitate the human performance in mission capability of operators while maximizing the longevity of the team by building a culture of fitness for the fight.  This purpose is achieved when there is seamless integration of health care into training and mission capability of Special Mission Units.
  • The Individual: The individual physician must be a student of everything so that he or she has the knack for facilitating relationships that bridge communicational and cultural gaps to maximize the operator's mission capability.
  • The Team: The team must see medical as an essential resource to be developed and maintained. The team must not be threatened by or distrustful of medical. This takes time, consistency, accuracy, and integrity on the part of the entire team.
  • The Community: The devastation that occurs in the loss of a team member takes years to recover. The sense that the individuals that guard the gate of violence are in reality human is unsettling for the community as a whole. Once medical is prepared and capable of fulfilling its role on the team, it will be mandated that the team has and maintains this capability.

In summary, this course addresses the following:

  1. The role of the physician on a SWAT team
  2. The mission of medicine for a LE Specialty team
  3. Current thoughts of integration of Medical Personnel on the team
  4. The use of medical information in mission success
  5. The tactical preparation of the physician on a SWAT team
  6. Current models of physician utilization on the SWAT team
  7. Methodology for integration of strategic planning and threat assessment capability

For further information on the cost and qualifications of this course, please contact DAMN.


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