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Physicians Certification Course

Direct Action Medical Network offers a three day, invite only event that is designed to be an introduction to Operational and Tactical Medicine SWAT Team Integration for both physicians and team leaders.  It will include vehicle recovery techniques, basic breaching, establishing a "network" of tactical MDs in your community, medical force multiplication/utilization, and other innovative principals and ideas.

The course will use the buddy system by including both a physician and a team leader.  This training is meant to facilitate the integration of medicine into successful mission completion.

DAMN has also invited speakers from Tactical Athlete and Khyber Interactive to give presentations and trainings.  These sessions will include an introduction to firearms/small unit tactics, hand to hand defensive tactics, and combative fitness with many hands-on opportunities at a variety of locations.

 For more information, please contact us at 1.800.279.6065 or email us at info@directactionmedicalnetwork.com.

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