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Remote Medical Operator Course

Purpose and Scope

This course is designed to familiarize the Special Operations Forces operator with the fundamentals of trauma management in austere and denied areas. At the end of the course, the operator will have an understanding of how anatomy and physiology are affected by trauma that occurs in the combat environment. The course is based on recommendations currently used in pre-hospital care and supported by the recent surgical trauma literature. The course is a compilation of material acquired in real world environments and from research data the information is meant to be informative and practical to the operator and to the medically trained operator.

Course Structure

There are three parts to this course:

I.   Anatomy
II.  Physiology
III. Treatment /Triage


This section will demonstrate the role of anatomy and injury occurrence to allow the inexperienced operator an understanding of where injury occurs and therefore how it affects the combatant. Using detailed graphics, and himself as a study aid, at the end of the course he will be able to accurately demonstrate the effective use of bandages and tourniquets to control hemorrhage and the characteristics of other hemorrhage control devices.


Understanding how a system operates is fundamental to detailing how to maneuver within that system, when it is injured. This class covers the basics of circulation, respiration and motion, to help establish the priorities of combat casualty care. This class uses real world examples, and the operator as the patient, so that he becomes practically involved in the training, which optimizes learning recall.


The course culminates with case studies/scenarios that will challenge the most astute operator to over challenge him in training, so that the real world mission can be dealt with in a confident and forthright manner. Utilizing after action critiques and feedback from experienced operators this is the part of the class where practicality and mission accomplishment are the measure of the results of the training.

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