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Operational Medicine 101

OpMed101 is designed for the operator that understands his or her role as a weapon system, but does not have the background of advanced medical physiology and anatomy. The course is practical. No formulas, no Latin. This is the Bullets and Bandages of how tactical athletes perform and ready themselves for austere missions. Topics include, exercise physiology, the aging operator, nutrition, viral disease, combat anatomy, hand, knee, shoulder and back trauma, injury evaluation and fundamental communication with medical operators. OpMed 101 eliminates medical intimidation, putting operators with physicians who operate in real world missions, with real world training, for real world success.

Teaches the operator maintenance of the Human Weapon System so that he is smarter stronger fighter at 40 than he was at 20.

Sample Questions DAMN Answers:

How do you evaluate a back injury?
When is a knee injury worth talking about?
Where are the areas of the hand that will not heal?
What are the consequences of tourniquets and how/where are they most effective?
What is the clotting time of blood?
What should you know about blood exposure and heart disease?

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