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The Human Weapon System
The concept of the Human Weapon System- We are all, as humans, developed biologically to survive with certain sets of capabilities and vulnerabilities...
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The Human Weapon System™

Humans are complex systems. For operators who want effective ways to train, and fight, medicine is the resource that preempts injury, while optimizing effective combat. 
 Questions that DAMN can answer:

  How does hand injury affect firing secondary weapons?

  What knee is the most commonly injured in SOF operators?

  Why bench press is not the fighting mans exercise?

  How can an operator control pain in the field and stay effectively combative?

  What are the intrinsic biologic vulnerabilities of humans?

Humans dominate the planet. Yet we have behavioral and physical limitations in our combative capabilities. How operators strengthen the weaknesses and maximize the strengths is based on knowledge, and knowledge of the Human Weapon System comes from medicine.

DAMN shows the operator how to preempt injury, by demystifying medicine and shows the medical/operator how to teach medicine to maximize combative performance.

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