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Company Profile 

"Integrating Medical Knowledge into Combative Wisdom"

What we do... 

  • DAMN teaches SOF operators to care for themselves and each other following medical standards not only for tactical combat medicine, but operational medical care as it relates to their military occupational specialty.
  • DAMN provides hospital, clinic, urban and rural field training environments that foster one on one MD to student instruction.

Who we are... 

  • DAMN is a medical consulting group of physicians, veterinarians, and nurses who are accustomed to working in remote, austere, denied, and hostile areas of the world.
  • Our physicians have military and Law enforcement qualifications that allow unique understanding to integrate medical knowledge into combative wisdom.
  • Since the year 2000 members of DAMN have participated in a variety of training functions of members of the active duty Special Operation Forces.
  • DAMN is physician led and driven.
  • DAMN has clinical expertise in the following areas:
    1. Occupational and Environmental Medicine
    2. General/Trauma Surgery
    3. Orthopedics
    4. Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery
    5. Anesthesiology
    6. Physical Therapy
    7. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    8. Family Medicine
    9. Tropical and Infectious Disease
    10. Neurosurgery
    11. Psychology
  • DAMN training integrates medical knowledge into combative wisdom.
  • DAMN has physicians who are on SWAT and SRT entry teams in Parish and Municipal Law Enforcement agencies this gives us active R/D applicable training.

  Why DAMN medical training is peculiar for Special Operation Forces...

  • DAMN trains operators to evaluate and apply medical principals in austere violent environments; by understanding physiology and anatomy improvisation in these environments is enhanced.
  • DAMN enhances combative effectiveness and prevents training injury by teaching operators to see themselves as a Human Weapon System, thereby  maintaining their health, and optimizing their fighting capability by knowing anatomy and physiology.
  • DAMN scenario based training has dedicated oppositional forces who are SWAT LEO, the moulage patients are MDs who modulate the pathology of their moulage injury in real time accurate response to the operators assessment and intervention or lack there of.
  • DAMN provides the practical information and resources of useful medical training which is used daily in real world operations in arduous circumstances worldwide.
  • Once operators have gone through the DAMN Warfighter Medical Course they have a lifetime access to the physicians that have trained them as telemedicine consulting resource.

Our service is comprehensive...

  • Mission Preparation: Customized reality based medical scenarios, with MD instructors as the patients; provide realistic progressively complex training with oppositional forces in urban and rural environments.
  • Mission Support: DAMN supports in field care with telemedicine and onsite medical services that travel with the operators so that real time care occurs and medical feedback is accurate and expedient for mission commanders.
  • Mission Debrief: Lessons learned build a database that preempts problems and transitions medicine from reactionary events to operational optimization.
Our medical staff has worked in the following countries:

 El Salvador

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